History and Lore

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General History

The Republic has gone through several 'eras' that match up with the style of game it is focusing on at that period. This is the National System in which the Republic plays as a whole community. There is also a Province System which allows for smaller game branches to exist within the overall community and not be diminished or disallowed from participating in the decisions of the Senate.

Each 'flavor' or 'era' of the Republic is matched with the game allowing the guild to adopt a structure that maintains a core set of principles and ideas while flexing to keep the nation relevant and effective. The Province System allows for smaller branches and comes in several of its own templates.

  • Expeditionary Unit a small tactical unit (191st Expeditionary Force) that is built around mobility and effects based planning.
  • Silver Suns Free Company (Condotta) Condotta is an Italian term for 'the contract' which were military mercenary companies seeing heavy use during the Renaissance.
  • Order The Ordo d'Argento is a cult religious institution within the Republic and can be employed on its own within game branches.
  • Great Houses each Great House is able to focus itself and run a game branch separate from the main branch.
  • Province generic game branches are treated as their own provinces with a governor and limited staff.

There are times when the Silver Sun Republic has been set up as its own nation, which leads to a special National System pulling in other communities and guilds as subordinate, but fully participatory members in a national Senate and utilizing a City-State System.

  • Imperial Republic built around a strong central government that is run by the Silver Sun with subordinate guilds treated as provinces and sending delegates to the Senate

Currently, the Silver Sun Republic is affiliated with the (MilitaryGamers.com) community, a network of current and former US Military members. Together the two participate in joint efforts titled Joint Task Force Viper.

Lore and Culture of the Republic

  • Knighthood includes the code of chivalry, definition of knighthood and the process for obtaining knighthood
  • Awards the accolades of the Republic, their description, who may bestow them and their basic requirements

Mortal Online Lore

Serving as a General in service to the Tindremic Empire in the frontier colonies, Brando de'Medici led his Company known as the Silver Suns through many bloody and treacherous campaigns only to be abandoned as the nation slid into decadence. Starved of supplies and reinforcements the Company was forced to return to the Empire where they received no continuing support or recompense for their service on the frontier. The depravity of the Senate and the corruption of the Tribune led to the Silver Suns to spark revolution in the Empire.

Initially based out of Meduli, the Silver Suns eventually formed their own independent holdings far to the East of the Empire and restored the old ways of the Tindremic Republic as it was in past days of glory. The struggle still continues to unravel the Emperor's hold on the land to this day as the land continues to plunge itself into chaos failing to unite against the rampant corruption and inequities.