Economic Structure

From Silver Sun Republic Codex


The economic structure of the Republic varies between games, but largely aims to achieve a free market system in which the Ministry of Commerce simply provides a guiding hand to establish baseline prices and work together with any other established economic bodies like the Priori or other Artisan Guilds whether they're licensed or not.

Past Policies

For the previous policies of any of our former Minister of Commerce, please see Commerce Archives.

Current Policies

The current system under which the Republic operates consists of a state driven system of acquiring finished goods and war materials married with a free market system operated by an elected body of artisans called Priors assembling together as the Priori. The Priori functions as a managing body to control market conditions and establish baseline prices for goods and raw materials. The Priori must vote and achieve a simple majority to adjust prices. Licensed Artisan Companies may operate outside of these prices acquiring raw materials and goods at their own negotiated rates that are generally achieved with the outlying Fiefdoms and Baronetcies or individual free citizens who operate independently.

Rent and Taxes

Free citizens may rent plots or individual buildings within the cities and realm monument space that is administered by the local representative of the Ministry of Commerce, most likely a Podesta also known as a Mayor who has been appointed to that position. Taxes are levied during offensive military campaigns or in order to accomplish major civic construction projects.

Black Markets

Those who are not licensed and deal outside the established market are considered to be dealing on the Black Market and may be fined by Commerciantes or Prefects. Regardless of social rank, anyone may be fined for engaging in commerce without a license. Licensing is handled by the Ministry of Commerce and allows the Republic to collect rent and taxes on economic activity.