Government Structure

From Silver Sun Republic Codex


The government of the Republic rests upon its Senate and the various Ministries each charged with a specific set of responsibilities and powers. The Ministries are headed by Ministers who are bound to the guidance of the Doge and Senate through resolutions it passes if adopted by the Doge and the Prime Minister in his absence.

Government ranks are separate from Social, although they do converge at certain points. Rather than actual ranks, they are positions that are held by officers of the nation.

The Ranks of Government Service

Praefectus - Officers of the various Ministries are grouped as Praefectus. These are the ground level officers for each Ministry. Praefectus is just the generic term and is rarely used to describe an individual. Instead, the actual title of the position is used.

First Praefectus - Each Ministry may appoint a Senior Officer as the head of their officers and as a middle tier representative per location.

Senator - Senators are elected by the citizenry to represent them in the Signoria of the Republic.

Minister - Selected from within the Senators to oversee the various Ministries and public offices of the Silver Sun.

Ministry of State

The Ministry of State is charged with the administration of the citizens of the Republic as well as the procurement of new immigrants and executing the legal system.

Ministry of State Positions

Prefect -

Clerk -

Minister of State -

Ministry of Commerce

Handles all matters of commercial enterprise to include the construction of cities and other works of commerce.

Ministry of Commerce Positions

Commerciante - Conducts all ground level commercial activity within the Republic to include collection of taxes, sales of state goods and coordinating logistics for resource gathering.

Podesta (Mayor) - The first officer of the Ministry of Commerce unless there are multiple cities. For each city owned by the Republic there may be an appointment of additional Mayors to oversee the daily operations.

Minister of Commerce -

Ministry of War

Organizes, Equips, Trains and Leads the military of the Republic and subordinate units.

Executive Ministry

Executive Ministry Positions

Pursuivant -

Herald -

Prime Minister -

Church of the Republic

Church of the Republic Positions

Friar -

Priest -

Bishop -

Executive Guidance

Several manuals have been published as part of the professional approach to leadership the Republic has chosen to take. Each of these directives are authored by the Prime Minister's office in cooperation with each of the Ministries affected. The purpose is to provide continuity for new Ministers as well as to make information available to our citizens on how their government is expected to operate. The Republic functions as an open society with the utmost transparency.