Great House

From Silver Sun Republic Codex

Great Houses are elite families of the Republic that have established themselves through great contributions and accomplishments. The families are not necessarily lineage related as others may be invited to become members who are not directly related. Those of the true bloodline are the leaders of the Houses, however, many patrons may not be and depending upon the rules of the House they may hold important positions. Each Great House of the Silver Sun is specialized in their cultural norms and approach to society. While one House may consist of mages another may hold warriors in high regard. Some Houses are open while others may be more secretive. Houses that operate in the shadows may not be listed here in the Codex.

Generally a Great House is awarded to a Nobile who proven themselves and is granted by the Duke or Doge with their charter approved by the Signoria.

Great Houses are listed in the Golden Book or Libro d'Oro