Kingdom of Hyperion

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Darkfall Online: EU-1

During the initial release of EU-1 server for Darkfall Online the Silver Sun Republic adopted a Crowned Republic structure and became a Shire of the Kingdom of Hyperion. Under His Majesty, King Manus Dei, Duke of the Duchy of Wessex and the County of Elba the Republic's Doge Brando de'Medici served as a vassal and Lord Constable leading the military of the Kingdom of Hyperion to conquer over half the known world and stand toe to toe against all the major alliances of the server.

Albeit, a short amount of time, it was a truly golden era for the Republic consisting of many great and grand victories as well as a flourishing of the culture and identity of the nation. The Republic was the last of Hyperion's Shires to hold out against the hordes that overwhelmed Hyperion with the culmination in the Siege of Gulghat. The Doge later created the Griffons of Gulghat as a memorial unit dedicated to the defenders who held out for numerous sieges before being completely overwhelmed by impossible odds and countless siege attempts.

The Silver Sun Republic was later lauded by His Majesty for having been the last holdouts. Putting up such a rigorous defense against the never ending hordes of besiegers represents the true spirit and tenacity of Hyperion. SSR is credited with having developed the entire military infrastructure including Command and Control, Communications, Logistics and Training for the formations and skirmish warfare that made Hyperion so effective and efficient despite its massive size. The training manual developed by Brando has been translated into 5 languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese) and is still in use by splinter groups and forces today.

Only Age of Conan has seen such a strong presence by the Silver Sun Republic topping out over 200 active accounts in-game with the guild generally preferring a tight knit community focused on small squad tactics providing Command and Control to larger alliances and nations.

Darkfall Online: Subsequent Iterations

The Kingdom was recreated numerous times in Darkfall Online, but never in true form and structure. The last successful iteration came towards the end of the original Darkfall Online before Darkfall Online: Unholy Wars launched. Featuring several of the original clans, Silver Sun Republic led the effort tying in members of the Duchy of Wessex and as well as several of former adversaries of Hyperion leading to the conquest of several cities staged out of the continent of Niflheim. Duke Brando was once again called to serve as the Lord Steward and provided the leadership necessary to once again conquer the wild lands of Agon in the name of Hyperion.

Mortal Online

The effort in Mortal Online consisted of the Duchy of Wessex, Silver Sun Republic and participating as the Crimson Horsemen Tribe. Hyperion was never truly adopted and the group was known as the Kingdom of the Isles never achieving the unity that the Kingdom of Hyperion experienced in Darkfall Online.

Life is Feudal

For the MMORPG, Life is Feudal, the Kingdom of Hyperion has reformed with Duchy of Wessex and Silver Sun Republic once again forming the core along with an older clan, Barony of Deephold reformed as House of Khans. has also joined as a Shire for this iteration.

The Kingdom updated the Common Law and Carta Solis to reflect the features of Life is Feudal. LiF's feature set allows much more freedom in adopting Hyperion's structure to the game promising to take the Kingdom to the next level.