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The awards of the Republic are set among three distinct categories: Service, Martial, Artisan. Service awards are granted for selfless contributions to the Republic and may take the form of Officership, volunteerism or being a reliable member who constantly does their best to help the nation grow and succeed. Martial awards are for prowess on the battlefield bringing glory to the name of the Republic. Artisan awards are to recognize those who are dedicated in their crafts and supply the Republic with goods, resources and craftsmanship. Chivalric awards are those which grant access to specific Knightly Orders within the Republic and are accessible to those who have attained knighthood.

Some awards, when specified, will grant promotion to the next higher social rank. If a person is already of that social rank, then no elevation will occur. Additionally, specific awards may carry reserved augmentations that can be added to personal heraldry. Awards are registered with the College of Arms.

Each award is listed in order of precedence within each category starting with the highest on top.

Chivalric Awards

Awards Granted for Chivalry

Ordo d argento.jpg

Ordo d'Argento Those of the Knighthood who exhibit service and chivalry above and beyond the expectations of a Knight may be granted entry into the Silver Order.

Service Awards

Awards Granted for Service
Ordo stella argento.jpg Ordo Stella Argento Order of the Silver Star. Grants the rank of Eques as recognition for outstanding and sustained service to the Republic.
Golden rays service.jpg Golden Rays of Service Awarded to those whose service is vital to the growth and sustainment of the Republic and beyond affecting the benefit of allies and partners.
Silver rays service.jpg Silver Rays of Service Awarded to those who constantly go above and beyond their given position to better the Republic, which without their service, would be at a loss.
Bronze rays service.jpg Bronze Rays of Service Awarded to those who show selfless service on a consistent basis, are reliable and accountable to the Republic.
Letter of service.jpg Letter of Service A letter written by a Minister or above noting exceptional service and recording accomplishments that don't necessarily merit awards, but deserve recognition.
Letter of introduction.jpg Letter of Introduction A letter written by anyone employed as an Officer of the Republic on behalf of another member. Letters of Introduction serve as recommendations for positions and consideration for promotion.

^ Service awards can be earned more than once with a disc denoting additional instances of the award.

Martial Awards

Awards Granted for Martial Prowess
Conq of yssam.jpg Order of the Conquerors of Yssam Granted to those who show leadership on an offensive campaign in direct command of a Republic unit to overcome great odds.
Defenders of gulghat.jpg Order of the Defenders of Gulghat Awarded to those who show great martial ability, command on the battlefield and heroic prowess in the face of a threat to the Republic.
Assailants of tiquiya.jpg Order of the Assailants of Tiquiya Recognizes the heroic martial abilities of an individual who has mastered their chosen skillset.
Silver phalanx.jpg Order of the Silver Phalanx Given to those who show great promise in working together with others as part of a unit. Commitment to selfless service in combat and great courage in supporting the unit are a must.
Scarlet thistle.jpg Order of the Scarlet Thistle Given to medics and healers who show no regard for personal safety in the face of the enemy to tend to wounded comrades on a consistent basis.
Letter of commendation.jpg Letter of Commendation Written to commend those for military action who perform admirably in contact with the enemy.

^ Martial awards can be earned more than once with a star denoting additional instances of the award.

Artisan Awards

Awards Granted for Artisanship
Schoolmasters writ.jpg Schoolmaster's Writ Granted to one who shows true mastery of a craft and constantly seeks to improve the artisan community of the Republic. Granted by the Minister of Commerce.
Grandmasters writ.jpg Grandmaster's Writ Recognition of the achievement as a Grandmaster of a specific craft. Individual must demonstrate knowledge, skill and contribution beyond the advancement of their own commercial interests. Granted by the Minister of Commerce.
Masters writ.jpg Master's Writ Recognition of the achievement as a Master of a specific craft. Individual must demonstrate Mastery above and beyond basic skill requirements. Granted by the Minister of Commerce.
Artisans writ.jpg Artisan's Writ Recognition of completion of contracts of significant number and quality beholden to the state. Granted by the Minister of Commerce.
Artisans license.jpg Artisan's License Granting of an Artisan's License demonstrates an initial degree of reliability and acceptance on behalf of the state to apply for fulfilling contracts. Granted by the Minister of Commerce.
Writ of apprenticeship.jpg Writ of Apprenticeship Recognition of the completion of an Apprenticeship - Given by a Master or above for satisfaction of their requirements

^ Artisan awards can be earned more than once with a triangle denoting additional instances of the award.

Other Awards

Awards Granted for Other Reasons
Coronet.jpg Coronet A crown granted to a landed Nobilitas to recognize their rights as a liege lord to hold vassals and land on behalf of the Doge. Can be given to a Count, Baron or as a circlet to a landed Knight or Baronet.
Grant of nobilitas.jpg Grant of Nobilitas An award of the rights and privelages of the Nobilitas. Granted by the Doge.
Award of eques.jpg Award of Eques An award of the rights and privileges of the rank of Eques. Granted by the Doge.
Letter of commission.jpg Letter of Commission Grants the bearer the rank of Lieutenant.
Letter of marque.jpg Letter of Marque A warrant that grants the bearer the right to conduct raids on behalf of the Republic.
Letter of citizenship.jpg Letter of Citizenship An award of the rights and privileges of the rank of Plebeian or Popolano. Granted by the Prime Minister, Minister of State or the Doge.
Campaign ribbon.jpg Campaign Ribbon Granted for participation in military campaigns as outlined by the Minister of War.