Crowned Republic

From Silver Sun Republic Codex

The Crowned Republic refers to a feudal structure adopted by the Silver Sun Republic to match the feudal nature of the Kingdom of Hyperion. The Prime Minister position was replaced by a noble Doge title, which is the Renaissance Italy equivalent of a Duke. Under the Crowned Republic system the Doge serves as the executive Head of State and is affirmed for life by the citizens of the Republic. The Constitution was modified under an emergency constitutional convention consisting of a quorum of the Senate and general citizens to discuss involvement in the Kingdom of Hyperion. The decision was made unanimously to adopt a feudal structure with the Prime Minister being elevated to a liege lord status and declare the Republic as a Crowned Republic to seek status as a Shire of the Kingdom.

The system has evolved over time with the introduction of the Great Houses and a reorganization of the Social Structure of the Republic to bring all of the ranks and titles into alignment with each other.

The same core principles were maintained with the conversion from a Classic Republic to a Crowned Republic with citizens swearing loyalty to the state, now embodied by an individual and held to a constitution rather than just the state as an immaterial concept. The Crowned Republic also saw the adoption of a Common Law and further refinement of the Military Structure of the Republic.