From Silver Sun Republic Codex

The Priori is a meeting of the Priors or Artisan Guild Headmasters tasked with establishing baseline prices for materials and finished goods. Each principle city will host a Priori, but only the Capital City of the Republic will host a National Priori that rules on matters affecting the entire Republic.

The Priori meets independently, but is also considered a component of the Signoria.


The Priori establishes baseline prices for goods and raw materials to use as a national and local reference guide for pricing. The Ministry of Commerce relies on these prices to generate contracts and work orders to acquire goods for the national government. It also serves as an index for collecting taxes and rent.

Each price can be adjusted through a simple majority vote which means each Guild must reach somewhat of a consensus on pricing. The Minister of Commerce is a tie breaking vote in the Priori and with the total number of voting Priors being even at Four, the Minister will have influence on the stability of price fluctuations. The fluctuation in prices can also form a rudimentary Stock Market leading to speculation investing and futures trading. The baselines pricing can be found in a National Price Index that is published by the Ministry of Commerce resulting from meetings of the Priori.