Artisan Guild

From Silver Sun Republic Codex


Artisan Guilds are state sponsored and maintained crafting companies led by Guild Masters and come in two different categories; Major and Minor. Major Guilds are typically based around the primary material used by the artisans with Minor Guilds representing a specialty such as Shipwrights or Siege Engineers under the main material of wood/carpentry.

Most often times the Major Guild is the only one employed unless the circumstances call for the establishment of the Minor Guilds.

Heads of the Guilds are elected as Priors and serve in the legislative body known as the Priori and the greater assembly known as the Signoria.

List of Guilds

  • Woodworkers Guild (Major)
    • Carpenter's Guild (Minor)
    • Shipwright's Guild (Minor)
    • Siege Engineer's Guild (Minor)
    • Mason's Guild (Minor)
  • Metalworker's Guild (Major)
    • Armorsmith's Guild (Minor)
    • Weaponsmith's Guild (Minor)
    • Jewelsmith's Guild (Minor)
  • Textile Guild (Major)
    • Tailor's Guild (Minor)
  • Agricultural Guild (Major)
    • Alchemist's Guild (Minor)

Guild Ranks

  • Prior - elected official who is the "head" of the guild and representative to the Priori
  • Guild Master - independent and autonomous artisan who is able to oversee and maintain their own workshop; certified by the guild as such
  • Journeyman - able to contribute to a Master's workshop unsupervised and able to craft their own items of sufficient quality
  • Apprentice - unable to operate independently and requires oversight by a Master or Journeyman