From Silver Sun Republic Codex

A Prior is one who has been elected by their fellow Guild Masters of an Artisan Guild of which there are Four Major Guilds and a varying number of Minor Guilds. Priors assemble and meet as the Priori, which is one of the three assemblies of the Republic. The other assemblies include the popular assembly of the Pregadi and the assembly of the Signoria.


Each Major Guild has a Prior that is responsible for the day to day operations. When an individual achieves the rank of Artisan Master they must declare their membership in one of the Artisan Guilds of their principle city. Masters in subordinate villages in Fiefdoms and Baronetcies may declare their membership in a principle city, either the Republic Capital City or a County Seat. Each of the Masters of a specific Artisan Guild may cast one vote for their chosen candidate. In the event of a tie, the Minister of Commerce will select a winner from the top tied candidates at random.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Prior is responsible for their Artisan Guild within their County to include any outlying Fiefdoms or Baronetcies. Each Master may take on apprentices and the Prior will assign new potential apprentices to their Masters. Priors also manage the Guild warehouses and any buildings and work benches within their City District. They are also responsible for managing the contents of the warehouses and their ledgers to ensure a steady source of materials to their members. Priors additionally ensure the completion and creation of work orders and contracts for their Guild and any requests placed upon them by the Ministry of Commerce.


Priors sit on the Priori and the Signoria representing the interests of their Guild. Priors are also expected to report on the status of their Guild and ensure that their needs are being met.