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  • ...e [[Duchy of Wessex]] and the [[County of Elba]] the Republic's [[Doge]] [[Brando de'Medici]] served as a vassal and [[Lord Constable]] leading the military ...and efficient despite its massive size. The training manual developed by Brando has been translated into 5 languages (English, German, French, Spanish and
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  • pitched the idea of a broader, overarching community structure to Brando. 1st Civilian Division Gamers (1st Civ Div Gamers) or 1CDG is a tongue-in-
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  • a General in service to the Tindremic Empire in the frontier colonies, Brando de'Medici led his Company known as the Silver Suns through many bloody and
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  • In order to join or operate a faction please contact the faction leader or Brando on either the Taleworlds or the RSS forums. Factions will be controlled by
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