1st Civ Div Gamers

From Silver Sun Republic Codex

As part of a growing initiative to align interests with MilitaryGamers.com, Wilson (co-founder of MilitaryGamers.com) pitched the idea of a broader, overarching community structure to Brando. 1st Civilian Division Gamers (1st Civ Div Gamers) or 1CDG is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the 'civilian world' most commonly used when someone is separating from the military. The use of the moniker allows a more easily recognizable relationship and connection between the two entities and allows Silver Sun Republic to retain all of its branding and resources while building a broader community.

Silver Sun Republic has always maintained a tighter set of requirements when recruiting focusing on quality rather than quantity. The expansion of the base for the community with the 1st Civ Div Gamers allows for a wider net to recruit for playstyles and interests that are not necessarily captured by SSR.

The focus of 1st Civ Div Gamers includes the supporters, friends and family of the US Military. Foreign allies and coalition partners as well as their support structures are also encouraged to join and be part of the Military Gamers Network.


Planning has already begun for the implementation of 1st Civ Div Gamers into the Silver Sun Systems LLC infrastructure as an owned and managed Intellectual Property (IP). The implementation of 1CDG will coincide with the launch and run up of the brick and mortar Military Gamer Supply store in El Paso, TX located near Fort Bliss in Summer of 2015.


The current plan includes a seamless transition of the user database and content management system from the Silver Sun Republic forums into the 1st Civ Div Gamers community platform. Chapters of 1st Civ Div Gamers will include pre-existing game branches from within Silver Sun Republic to include Excessive Force and any MilitaryGamers.com run branches that consist of a preponderance of civilian members. Silver Sun Republic itself will become a Chapter of 1st Civ Div Gamers and will cover the RP-PvP niche for game branches. Branches will be game specific groups with multiple chapters having potential presence in any given game possibly covering each of the factions, alignments or playstyles present in that title. Launching a branch in a game will be decided upon by the Operations Board, which is chaired by the Director of Operations and takes input from each chapter's leadership.