WU Server Overview

From Silver Sun Republic Codex

Welcome to our Wurm Unlimited server. We are excited to bring you completely custom maps as part of our SSR centered game world. The features of Wurm Unlimited afford us some unique opportunities to build an expanding world that encapsulates our many years of gaming together as a community building stories that manifest out of actual events in the Republic's history. We take stories that have actually happened involving our members and our contributions to larger gaming communities across various Sandbox PvP Conquest games and tailor our lore to match. In WU you'll find we are bundling them all together to produce custom built maps with cities and landscapes that are familiar to our storied past.

You will also find NPCs in our cities that reflect our lore and rich culture as well as the structure of our Republic. You will encounter Heralds and Prefects in our cities as well as other Officer positions to help introduce you to our unique structure and organization. You will be learning the Republic while you play!