From Silver Sun Republic Codex

Heralds are the voice and the official record of the Nobility and the Officers of State also known as Ministers. Protocol and ceremony are the specialty of the Heralds as they carry the words and symbols of State on behalf of those under whom they serve. Heralds are trained in voice, book and field heraldry being generally trained in all three, but specializing in one or two areas.

Voice heralds host courts and engage in diplomatic missions as envoys. They are specifically trained to manage the protocol of general and specialty courts, state visits and other special occasions.

Book heralds are the masters of records and of arms. The official rolls of every kind are managed by Heralds. The College of Arms records the feudal lineage and granting of special privileges from Kings and Nobles to individual gentles.

Field heralds manage tournaments and martial matters on the field of honor and battle. They are often the standard bearers in a formation and serve to record the victories and grand deeds of valorous soldiers. They ensure the integrity of chivalry along with the Knights of the realm.