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The Golden Book lists the Armigers, Nobility, and lines of succession for Great Houses and their Cadet Houses.

Great Houses

Great House Listing

House Medici -- Medicossi

Name: Medici

Symbol: Griffon

Leader: Bernardo dei Medici

Colors: Black and Gold

Favored Military Profession: Cavalry - Lancers and Mounted Archers

Favored Civil Profession: Herald and Prefect

Favored School of Magic: Healing/White Magic

Description: House Medici has roots as an ancient order connected to the religious cult of the Ordo d'Argento. While the colors of the Republic are Black and Silver, the House balances this with the color of Gold. Gold is a controversial color as it once represented the violent sun cults who enslaved the ancestors of the Republic, however, the House sees it as a symbol of hope overcoming the tragedies of the past. The Medici Great House favors soldiers dressed in heavy mail riding on horseback as lancers and civil service to the people through the government. The political philosophy is that of a government that exists to protect the people from other powers. Government simply exists to ensure its people are free. The House views magic with suspicion, but holds priestly healing and divinity in high regard. Many of the House have become Paladinos wielding the favor of divinity that manifests itself in white healing powers that they do not consider magic, but rather inspiration and channeling of their deity.

Coat-of-Arms: House:




House Longshire

Name: Longshire

Symbol: Lion

Leader: Demiwar Longshire

Colors: Blue and White

Favored Military Profession: Pikemen/Halberdiers

Favored Civil Profession: Commerciante

Favored School of Magic: Alchemy/Conjuration

Description: House Longshire prides itself on its craftsmen and artisans more often providing the financial support rather than the actual labor. For many years the House has been involved directly with the mercantile operations of the Republic in competition with House Medici. House Longshire concerns itself with manufacturing and the whole process of production while House Medici generally engages in commodity trading as an intermediary. A strong strategy in financials also benefits this Great House with more creative sources of income than simple traditional manufacturing. More often than not when a new province is opened to the Republic it will be House Longshire who arrives to establish the economic logistics of the nation and provide the financing of newly licensed companies. The philosophy of this Great House is that free markets reign supreme, but the government must serve as a steward of the economy. A strong economy leads to a strong nation and the foundation for conquest. A nation that neglects its economy will result in ruin.

Coat-of-Arms: Arms



Symbol: Serpeant

Leader: Varies

Colors: Red and Black

Favored Military Profession: Infantry

Favored Civil Profession: Prefect

Favored School of Magic: Fire Magic

Description: With the Silver Sun Republic being an affiliate community of, there is a need to house and designate members within the structure of the government. The House ebbs and flows as needed. Members of MG are granted automatic citizenship in the Republic and are held as members of the MG House. The leadership and structure of the House also changes as circumstances require. MG has served with distinction within the Republic taking on many different forms sometimes fully integrating into the community and other times serving as an autonomous element.

House McDougal (retired)

Name: McDougal

Symbol: Lion

Leader: Radison McDougal

Colors: Green and White

Favored Military Profession: Paladins

Favored Civil Profession: Priests

Favored School of Magic: Healing

Description:House McDougal was forged from the blood of those that chose to oppress the followers of Requesta our Goddess of War. The house colors are green and white, white to symbol Our Goddess, and the green for the ground of fertile lands which the temple churches reside on. The favored military profession is paladins, holy men dress in golden plate for all to see. Paladins of Requesta hold no fear in their eyes; they carry two-handed swords forged from moon rocks, gifts from our lady. Members of the house McDougal fight in the name of the d'Argento canon, which hold the moral laws and beliefs of all whom follow our lady. The house has a close connection to the values of the Republic and holds them very dear to them, fighting to protect its borders from anyone who would oppose them.

Coat-of-Arms Arms

House LaCroix (retired)

Name: LaCroix

Symbol: Cockatrice

Leader: Shilohen LaCroix

Colors: Green and Gold

Favored Military Profession: Battle Thaumaturgist (Mage)

Favored Civil Profession: Scholar

Favored School of Magic: Black Magic/Destruction

Description: Ask anyone on the streets of Soacio about House LaCroix and they will tell you that it is a haven for those who are magically attuned and wish to learn how to use their magical talents. While this is true, House LaCroix has been known to accept mundane individuals into their ranks as guardsmen, spies, animal trainers, and more.

House LaCroix is the most public entity with possible ties to the secretive Mystic Circle, a fellowship of magically attuned individuals from all walks of life who pursue scholarly research and further mankind’s knowledge of magic. The Mystic Circle has been accused of summoning demons into the mortal world as well as practicing strange rituals in order to become more skilled in the art of magic, but none of the accusations can be proven due to the highly secretive nature of the Mystic Circle and the refusal of House LaCroix to discuss it outside of their ranks.

Although House LaCroix is under constant scrutiny from mundane individuals, most agree that the benefits of allowing House LaCroix to operate in The Republic of the Silver Sun despite their ties to the Mystic Circle outweigh the negatives of occasional protest by citizens over some plebian claiming their daughter was possessed by a demonic force due to the ritual conducted by House LaCroix and the Mystic Circle the night prior; none of which can be proven beyond rumor and speculation.

House LaCroix is very selective about whom they allow into their ranks; simply being magically attuned is not enough to warrant membership. There is no public application or known means of contacting House LaCroix and inquiries into joining the House are often left unanswered. It is generally accepted that if House LaCroix wants you they will approach you when they feel the time is right.

Unfortunately, little else is publicly known about House LaCroix and likely never will be.

Coat-of-Arms: Arms

House Morte (retired)

Name: Morte

Symbol: Dragon or Dragon Head

Leader: Kal Morte

Colors: Red and Silver

Favored Military Profession: Line Infantry

Favored Civil Profession: Herald and Quartermaster Sergeant

Favored School of Magic: Healing and Destruction

Description: House Morte had humble beginnings, but has recently risen to power. It's core philosophy is to be defiant and aggressive in the face of an enemy. It's better to make a wrong decision hastily, than to hesitate to think of the right course. Some in the Republic say this train of thought is folly, but House Morte has ridden it to some success. This philosophy was developed on the frontlines where a split second was the difference between life and death. House Morte believes the Republic needs to be strong in all respects and at any cost. Just as the House does not want to plunge back into servitude, they do not want the Republic to fall under the wing of the Empire.

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Greater Nobility - Nobile

Dukes/Doges - Duca

  • Bernardo dei Medici

Counts - Conte

  • Demiwar Longshire
  • Hawks Furysky

Barons - Barone

  • Otto Mauser

Lesser Nobility - Eques


  • Hawks Furysky
  • Rohaan Zodicus

Baronets - Cavaliere

  • Geoffrey Daunchmeyer
  • Silina Daunchmeyer
  • Madilynn Daunchmeyer

Nobility of the Church


  • Azerath dei Medici
  • Ruta Theron

Non-noble Armigers


Patrician - Patrizi