LiF:YO Server Overview

From Silver Sun Republic Codex

The SSR Life is Feudal: Your Own server will be run in a 4 faction system. These factions are defined here: LiF:YO Server Factions

The objective of the server is to provide a roleplay friendly environment where the faction leaders may impose story based restrictions and aids. Each of the four factions follow different rules and guide lines and each player must decide what style they wish to play. For instance, someone that wants to play an herb gathering monk that never touches a sword should join the Abbey, while an aspiring entrepreneur would be best fit for the village. Those interested in just fighting and surviving should look into the mercenary and bandit factions.

Each character on the server is advised to write a character profile to help identify your character's traits. This profile can be sent to your faction leader and uploaded to the SSR LiF Character Repository. Here each profile is stored and can be updated to reflect your character's development over time.

Roleplaying is the primary objective of this server and thus we encourage all players who join a faction to play the entire game, not just the part made by the developers. Over time faction leaders may impose special circumstances on their members or the server as a whole, such as a famine having you destroy half of your crops or a potentially lucrative trade mission that you can invest in. We ask that all members play along with these scenarios as they will be largely trust based with no way to "force" cooperation.