LiF:YO Server Factions

From Silver Sun Republic Codex

Leader: Hawks Furysky

Roleplay: Light

Hawks will be leading a small group of bandits for the more militant minded players. These players will be making every effort to remind the village and church that life is feudal, however they will be kept in check from griefing by their leadership. The bandit party is for the player who doesn't care to do much more then fighting and enjoys role playing an evil character.

Leader: Azerath de'Medici

Roleplay: Heavy

The church will be building a walled abbey and will be heavy roleplay. Monks take an oath of poverty and have no personal wealth, instead living off the lands and wealth of the church. The church is for the player who wants to roleplay a religious monk.

Leader: Demiwar Longshire

Roleplay: Light-Moderate

The village will, at the start, be an open concept (no walls) farming village. There will be a village square for shops to be set up which will be surrounded by small residential buildings and then farmland, as well as a public mine. Peasants are given plots which they may work freely and build individual wealth. The village is for the player looking to start out playing the role of a poor peasant trying to work his way up the economic totem pole. There will also be a town militia that will have to fend off bandit raids so the part-time soldier will be right at home.

Leader: Stianos de'Medici

Roleplay: Moderate

The mercenaries will be the ideological counter to the bandits. They will be stationed in the Abbey as full time soldiers and are tasked with protecting the Abbey and fending off the bandits. The mercenary group is for the player who wants full time combat and wants to protect the defenseless.