From Silver Sun Republic Codex
  • Objectives: We do what we must to survive. We live for one anther and for no ones else's rules or society. We don't look to destroy (even though we're capable), we seek to control, abuse and gain from others. As Bandits we can't terrorize too often or plunder too hard. We need to leave society enough hope so they can rebuild and grow and we take it away from them again and again. Until our bellies are full and our purse is filled, we wont stop until we choose to do so.
  • Structure As Bandits we like to keep things simple, we're not soldiers. Sure if we grow big enough and we need people to be responsible for certain things around camp than we can create new titles, but for now let's keep it clean and simple.

Head Bandit (Title TBD) Hawks

2nd in Command (Title TBD) Open


  • Rules: We comply with the Official rules set for the whole server.


Not Griefers

Not Psychopaths

Not Murderers (we kill when we need to or when subjects don't comply and have exhausted all options)

We Pillage

We Steal

We hold Hostages

We Negotiate (if it's to our benefit)

We seek Advantages

We Abuse, Mock, Exploit "Honor" based Societies

We Blackmail