Executive Ministry

From Silver Sun Republic Codex


The Executive Ministry is tasked with managing the daily administration of the overall Republic and external relations with other guilds, clans, organizations, allies and nations. Officers of the ministry include Heralds and their students, Pursuivants.


  • Heralds - Officers of the Executive Ministry that handle the creation, registration and logging of the heraldry issued to those who have the right to bear them. Additionally, these officers act as envoys, voice the proceedings of noble courts, emcee tournaments and assist in the daily operations of the ministry.
  • Pursuivants - Students of Heralds who are in training to become fully qualified officials of the ministry

Roles and Responsibilities

  • External Diplomacy - Sends Heralds as envoys to other groups to handle diplomatic interactions
  • Recruiting - Posting and marketing the Republic to potential recruits; Ministry of State handles the point of recruit to member. The Executive Ministry handles the initial posting
  • Assemblies - Chairs each of the meetings of the populace including the Pregadi and the Signoria
  • Recording of History - Records history and lore of the Republic