From Silver Sun Republic Codex


The Collegi is an elected and representative popular assembly, meaning the body is a representation of all the citizens of the Republic. The Collegi is an important part of the Signoria as it includes the voice of the people beyond the nobles and ministers of the Curia and the elected artisans of the Priori.


Each Senator of the Collegi is elected for a specific jurisdiction or at-large meaning that they are elected in a general vote of the entire population of the Republic. Each County, or Commune/Village may host its own Collegi to pass local laws or to refer resolutions to the next higher Collegi.


The Collegi serves as a channel of communication for the people with direct input into the governing of the Republic. The use of a representative body is necessary to reduce the bureaucracy and overhead involved in deliberating matters of daily operations. The Collegi is not required to convene on its own, but may do so to continue discussion and debate on legislation.