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Discord Bots

The Republic utilizes bots on Discord to automate processes and systems enhancing the overall capability and features of the community. Each bot has a different set of commands, some of which are reserved for admins, but others that are accessible to all members.

Prefect Bot Commands

Currently, the Prefect Bot serves up most of the commands, but in the future these commands will be split between a Commerciante Bot and a Herald Bot for the appropriate tasks.

Users can issue the !prefect-help command to retrieve the list below.

Registration Commands

!register - Provides the Registration URL and checks if your account is registered successfully.

!immigrate - Links your Discord Roles to your website account.

Branch/Chapter Commands

!joinBranch branchname - Adds the corresponding branch to your roles.

  • atlas for ATLAS Branch
  • lif for Life is Feudal Branch

!leaveBranch branchname - Removes the corresponding branch from your roles.

  • atlas for ATLAS Branch
  • lif for Life is Feudal Branch

Banking Commands

  • only works in #bank-of-soacio channel

!transfer-funds amount type[gold, silver, bronze] @mention - transfers funds to @mention

!funds-balance - DMs you your current balances

!buy-currency amount type[gold, silver, bronze] - buys "up" meaning buys gold with silver, silver with bronze

!sell-currency amount type[gold, silver, bronze] - sells "down" meaning sells gold for silver, silver for bronze

!exchange-rate - lists current exchange rates of currency in effect

Banking Admin Commands

!deduct-funds amount type[gold, silver, bronze] @mention - deducts funds from @mention

!deposit-funds amount type[gold, silver, bronze] @mention - deposits funds for @mention

!set-rate type[gold, silver, bronze] rate - modifies the exchange rate by type

Redeeming Premium Currency Commands

!redeem-list - DMs the current list of redeemable items and their costs

!redeem-funds item - redeems items from the items list and deducts their cost in gold (will prompt in DM for confirmation)

Contracting Commands

  • only works in #bank-of-soacio channel

!contract-open item/service units price[per unit] currency - opens a contract with item/service, number of units, price per unit, and currency to pay out

!contract-award contractID @mention - awards contract to @mention target

!contract-payout contractID increment[50, 100] - pays out contract total as a percentage, 50 or 100 percent

!contract-close contractID - closes out the contract and pays out any remaining award funds

!contract-status contractID - returns basic info about contract by ID

!contracts - DMs list of current contracts open and awarded by ID

Market Commands

  • only works in #bank-of-soacio channel

!market-order orderType[buy, sell] item units price currency description - lists a market order by buy or sell type with a free text description

!market-close marketID @mention - closes out the market order and pays or withdraws funds from the @mention

!market-search orderType[buy, sell] searchTerm - looks up a market order by type and term

!market-status marketID - shares the details of a market order by ID

Award Commands

!nominate @mention - nominates the mentioned person for an award; asks a series of questions to fill out the nomination

!nominate-review awardID - allows a Minister or admin to review an award and approve or deny it; automatically adds award to court business

!list-nominations @mention - allows a Minister or admin to retrieve the list of nominations for an individual

!presented-award awardID - updates the award status for a recipient to presented

Court Commands

!add-to-court recipient freeText - adds business to the court herald list

!hold-court - iterates through pending business for a text held court

For any questions or assistance please contact Duke Bernardo