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Discord is the voice communication platform used by the Republic of the Silver Sun.


  • Multi-Platform - Allows users to access the server via Browser, Desktop Client or Phone App for both Android and iPhone for free
  • @Mentions - Users can mention @roles that will send a ping or an SMS push message to all the users tagged with that @role
  • High Quality Voice - Discord employs some of the highest quality codecs available on the market for the cost
  • 99.99% uptime - Servers are hosted in a cloud environment meaning that downtime is seamless as the server transitions to different hardware if current services fail
  • Chat bots - Automation has never been easier with the use of bots to replace mundane tasks otherwise fulfilled by officer volunteers


Visit http://discord.silversunrepublic.com from a PC or phone browser and it will automatically launch the browser or application and connect a user as a guest. The process will even walk you through account creation using an intuitive interface.