WU Custom Map

From Silver Sun Republic Codex

There are multiple servers in our Wurm Unlimited world. The primary server that we are currently playing on is a collection of islands that the Republic has colonized. These islands are located far to the West of the main Republic homelands. The main continent is currently being developed as a custom heightmap to be added to the server later on as the community progresses. There are two other continents to be added in time each covering a 16km x 16km area.

Current Map

SSR wurm server map01.png

Loading Map into the Game

Until we add mod loaders and instructions on how to get that working, we have a simple work around if you're only playing on the SSR main server.

First, download this file|http://www.silversunrepublic.com/Ocrea.dds and save it to your PC.

Next, using 7-zip, right click on the graphic.jar file in your Wurm Unlimited install folder.

Open archive.png

Once you have the archive open, click on gui, then click on testMaps and save the .dds file there to overwrite the in-game map.