Salvatore Francesco dei Medici (SCA)

From Silver Sun Republic Codex



Name: Salvatore dei Medici Device: House Position: Private Baronial Position: N/A Kingdom Position: N/A Awards: N/A


Culture: Italian Birthplace: Venice, Republic of Venice (while family was in exile from Florence) Current Home: Florence, Republic of Florence

Persona Primer Worksheet

Level 1 - The Basics

A. What is your Name? Salvatore dei Medici B. In what century were you born? 15th C. What is your native country? Italy/Republic of Florence

Level 2 - A Bit More Information ...

A. What were / are your parent's names? B. What was / is your parent's occupation? C. In what 25 year period were you born? 1415-1440 D. Where were you born? What city do you currently claim as home? Venice, Florence E. What is your ethnicity? Italian F. Who is your current employer? Cosimo di Giovanni de' Medici G. What kind of money do you use? Florins

Level 3 - Some Personal History

A. What is your occupation? Mercenary B. What year were you born? 1434 C. How old are you? 26 D. What level of education do you have? University E. Do you practice the call of arms? Yes F. List your skills and hobbies and where you learned them? Medicine, theology, leather working, and theater. University and apprenticeship. G. What social class are you in? Upper Middle Class H. How widely have you traveled? In what capacity? Traveled along the silk road and across the Arabian Peninsula in a military capacity on campaign to secure mercantile interests abroad; Fought against the Ottoman Turks to check their expansion

Level 4 - This Takes Some Research

A. Who is your current Monarch? Cosimo de' Medici B. Who is the current Pope or head of your religion? Pope Pius II C. What religion do you belong to? Catholic D. Were you educated? If so, where and by whom? Yes, at the Studium Generale of Florence E. Do you favor colonization, isolationism, conquest, conversion, etc.? Isolationism F. Name your favorite musicians, artists, dances... G. Depending on your trade or profession, what is your life expectancy? N/A H. What major events have happened in your lifetime? Wars between Milan, Florence and Venice over dominance for Northern Italy; Conflicts between Italian city-states and the Ottoman Empire; Exile of the Medici family to Venice.

Level 5 - In Pretty Deep...

A. What political figure, party, movement do you support? The Medici family B. Who is the most significant thinker of your time? Dante/Plato - (neoplatonism) C. What is most likely to cause your death? War D. List at least three of your current goals? Pursuit of the coin as both a mercantile family and a mercenary; To expand the influence and fame of myself and the Medici family; To gain title and land of my own E. What is the most striking scientific achievement of which you are aware? The invention of the printing press and the earliest forms of Kinetic Physics. F. Is the Earth round, flat or hollow? Does it revolve around the Sun or vice versa? Earth is round...we've known it's round since before the birth of Christ. Ptolemy and Copernicus both offer compelling evidence of either a Geo- centric or Heliocentric universe, respectively. Will need to revisit this issue when we have more sophisticated techniques of viewing the heavens.