From Silver Sun Republic Codex


The Parlamento is a popular assembly, meaning the body is accessible to all the citizens of the Republic. The assembly is meant to function as an open forum for discussion and feedback. The Parlamento may pass non-binding resolutions to be considered by the Signoria.


There is no formal structure to the body other than the fact that it may take place in any village or city within the Republic and is chaired by the civil leader of that settlement. Each outlying village may pass resolutions to be passed along to the Signoria of the cities. County Seats may host minor Signoria and each Parlamento is subordinate to their respective city. The Capital City hosts the only national Signoria that can affect the entire Republic.

A local lord may defer their parlamento to the county's parlamento in the event that they are not of a size to warrant their own.


The Parlamento serves as a channel of communication for the local community to address issues among themselves and message the next higher tier of government through non-binding resolutions that are passed through a simple majority.