Membership Loyalty Program

From Silver Sun Republic Codex


In order to further the recognition of merit, effort, and contribution to the Republic there will be a Membership Loyalty Program put in place using Discord Bots, the SSR Website, and the Military Gamer Supply website.

Ministers and Officials of the Republic will be able to reward members with points that can be redeemed for various items or discounts on products for sale on the MGS webstore. This is to go beyond a simple 'thank you' and to give material rewards for those who serve the Republic in various ways.


Ministers may award Officers, citizens, and allies with Loyalty Points that can be redeemed using a !command on Discord that will purchase various rewards to include discounts, free items, or social ranks/positions within the Republic or MGS webstore. Items available on the MGS webstore include tabletop miniatures, dice sets, SSR themed products such as T-Shirts, Mugs, Mouse Pads, and a whole lot more.

Each Award in the Republic will also come with a number of Loyalty Points that will add to an individual's total. Letters and Writs of Service are ways that other citizens can nominate each other for recognition. Approval of these writs and letters are still required by the Ministers.

Conversion Rates

Only so many rewards and discounts are available each month and therefore the point values are dynamic. Points will trade almost like a commodity on the stock market leading to the ability for citizens to trade among each other. This creates a sort of premium currency within the Republic that can be earned simply by participating in the community.