Command and Control

From Silver Sun Republic Codex

Command and Control or C2 is a military concept that can describe the personnel, process, procedures, equipment, systems, or other elements involved in the deliberate application of force against an enemy.

Command is based on authorities, expectations, responsibilities, and scope that these concepts present. Command is also driven by and responds to intent. A Commander's Intent establishes clear, concise, and consistent communication to provide the goals, objectives, and both explicit and implied tasks for planning and execution in the form of verbal or written orders both pre-planned and real time.

Control is the exercise of Command authorities and is the means through which orders are carried out, either pre-planned or real time. Control is either proactive or reactive depending upon circumstances in the field. It is either pre-planned and rigid or fluid and dynamic; it is either centralized or decentralized depending upon the situation and the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures or TTPs of the Military. Further refinement can also be found in the Operations Orders or OPORDERS issues by the Command Authority of the Republic.

The goal of C2 is to establish a system to get ahead of the enemy's decision making process, whether that is described by the OODA Loop or other military concepts.