Combined Joint Task Force Viper

From Silver Sun Republic Codex

Combined Joint Task Force Viper is a joint effort between the Silver Sun Republic and to provide a common framework for coordinated efforts in games played together. The Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for CJTF-Viper calls for an alignment of structure, operations and purpose to benefit both communities. Other communities are welcome to participate, which would then grow beyond a joint effort into a combined effort under Combined Task Force Scorpion. Coalition elements are put under a separate structure due to the higher level of coordination and cooperation between Silver Sun Republic and The Joint construct shares resources and closely integrates participants, while the Combined structure gives communities an opportunity to participate as little or as much as they want without being obligated to meet certain requirements.

Joint refers to highly integrated operations between partner communities to include sharing of resources; voice comms; structure; tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs); intelligence and sometimes leadership.

Combined allows for a separation of operations and assets while still maintaining a degree of coordination and integration. Coalition partner communities may elect to participate to a greater degree, but the option is available to limit the level of involvement versus a Joint partner which is all in on integration.

CJTF-V uses the same Joint Staffing Structure as the US Military dividing each set of tasks and responsibilities among various Directorates.