Book of Spero

From Silver Sun Republic Codex

Chapter One

Under the cloak of the darkness did the light of the Radiant Lady pierce the despair and illuminate hope. In death we were granted life; in defeat we were granted victory; in grief did we know joy. A sun of silver shone at night to light our way.

We learned to turn despair into hope; death into life; defeat into victory; grief into joy. Under the sun of silver we found our journey towards freedom.

We toiled under the sun of gold and found peace under the sun of silver.

We were slaves to the sun of gold and free under the sun of silver.

Requesta showed us the way; she was a light in the darkness and the key to our salvation. She appeared to me cloaked in a shimmering light with words that reached into my soul; words that made no sound, yet spoke to me clearly.

Chapter Two