Bernardo dei Medici (SCA)

From Silver Sun Republic Codex



  • Name: Signore Bernardo dei Medici C.A.A.
  • Device: Gyronny sable and Or, a decrescent sable on a sun argent
  • House Position: Condottiero
  • Baronial Position: Seneschal, Webminister
  • Kingdom Position: None
  • Awards: Astrum Australis


  • Culture: Italian
  • Birthplace: Venice, Republic of Venice (while family was in exile from Florence)
  • Current Home: Florence, Republic of Florence

Persona Primer Worksheet

Level 1 - The Basics

  • A. What is your Name? Bernardo dei Medici
  • B. In what century were you born? 15th
  • C. What is your native country? Italy/Republic of Florence

Level 2 - A Bit More Information ...

  • A. What were / are your parent's names?
  • B. What was / is your parent's occupation? Alchemists/Doctors
  • C. In what 25 year period were you born? 1415-1440
  • D. Where were you born? What city do you currently claim as home? Venice, Florence
  • E. What is your ethnicity? Italian
  • F. Who is your current employer? Cosimo di Giovanni de' Medici
  • G. What kind of money do you use? Florins

Level 3 - Some Personal History

  • A. What is your occupation? Condottiero (Mercenary Captain)
  • B. What year were you born? 1432
  • C. How old are you? 28
  • D. What level of education do you have? University
  • E. Do you practice the call of arms? Yes
  • F. List your skills and hobbies and where you learned them? Sculpting and Wood Carving; learned from a client/supplier of the family mercantile business as an apprentice in youth
  • G. What social class are you in? Upper Middle Class
  • H. How widely have you traveled? In what capacity? Traveled along the silk road and across the Arabian Peninsula in a military capacity on campaign to secure mercantile interests abroad; Fought against the Ottoman Turks to check their expansion

Level 4 - This Takes Some Research

  • A. Who is your current Monarch? Cosimo de' Medici
  • B. Who is the current Pope or head of your religion? Pope Pius II
  • C. What religion do you belong to? Catholic
  • D. Were you educated? If so, where and by whom? Yes, at the Studium Generale of Florence
  • E. Do you favor colonization, isolationism, conquest, conversion, etc.? Conquest to unite Northern Italy
  • F. Name your favorite musicians, artists, dances... Saltarello Saltarello
  • G. Depending on your trade or profession, what is your life expectancy? As a common soldier, it would have been variable, but shorter; however, as the Company Captain it is expected to be much longer. Dante cited the biblical life expectancy of 70 years in his works.
  • H. What major events have happened in your lifetime? Wars between Milan, Florence and Venice over dominance for Northern Italy; Conflicts between Italian city-states and the Ottoman Empire; Exile of the Medici family to Venice.

Level 5 - In Pretty Deep...

  • A. What political figure, party, movement do you support? The Medici family
  • B. Who is the most significant thinker of your time? Dante is still regarded as one of the greatest minds of all of Italy here in Florence at this time
  • C. What is most likely to cause your death? War or disease
  • D. List at least three of your current goals? Pursuit of the coin as both a mercantile family and a mercenary; To expand the dominance of the Medici family and ultimately the Florentine Republic; To keep the other city-states in check to eventually conquer them uniting all of Italy
  • E. What is the most striking scientific achievement of which you are aware? The invention of the printing press and the earliest forms of Kinetic Physics.
  • F. Is the Earth round, flat or hollow? Does it revolve around the Sun or vice versa? Flat, Earth is the center of the universe