Agricultural Guild

From Silver Sun Republic Codex


The Agricultural Guild is a major artisan guild of the Silver Sun Republic which consists of the Natures Lore skill tree. The Alchemists Guild is a minor guild under this. Housed in the Agricultural district of the city with farms on the outskirts.


The occupations in this guild include Farming, Forestry, Brewing and Cooking.

Dependency and Responsibility

It is paramount to keep the Republic's supply of quality Branches, Fiber, and Flint available to the group for use. They are components of the primitive tools and are used in creation of Natures Lore cooking. Even when advanced it is good to keep branches on hand for the smiths of the Metalworkers Guild to use.

Apples are another part of the responsibility of the guild, supplying high quality for the tamers, trainers and breeders of the Textiles Guild. As well as emergency food when supply runs low. Mushroom and Berry hunting is important too for skill food production.

Those occupations with sufficient Advanced Farming can obtain silk filaments by processing silk cocoons from Mulberry trees and Honey from Beehives.


Farmers will be responsible for obtaining flax, wheat, vegetables and fertilizing fields. Dung will be supplied by the Textiles Guild.


Foresters will work hard on keeping a consistent flow of wood being cut and grown for the Woodworkers Guild. Having a minimal goal to plant high quality softwood and hardwood trees is a must. This includes the farming trees of Apples and Mulberries.


Brewers will be responsible for the Alchemists Guild to give a portion of their brews for potion making. Also they will be dependent on the farmers to obtain wheat and grapes for crushing. And of course, the rest is for drinking! Honey is to be obtained by those with good Advanced Farming skill.


Cooks will be dependent on the farmers to bring in vegetables, honey, and wheat to be used for cooking. In turn, the cooks will be responsible to keeping the skill food and basic food containers full for the Republic. They will need to request charcoal and cooking pots from the Metalworkers Guild. Meats, milk and eggs is supplied by the Textiles Guild.