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2.XX Series - Ministry of State

X.00 Series - Core

Citizenship Program


The path to citizenship should always be straightforward and clear. Arbitrary requirements should not be placed on anyone seeking full membership within the Republic. To this end there needs to be simple requirements that are applied to every new person wishing to join our ranks. Basic understanding of the Republic is a minimum requirement with other programs, offices, and agencies requiring further training. The requirements towards citizenship should also consist of a minimal baseline of activity while still making it clear that staying active is a must in order to achieve full membership. Adherence to the laws and code of conduct, plus game terms of service should always be at the forefront of any educational program.

Immigration Process

Users from any source need to be directed towards joining the SSR Discord Server. This will initiate the automated immigration system.

Register on Discord and Website

All registered users have access to use the automated Immigration system using the Discord Bot. Each interested user starts by joining the Discord server, which will then prompt a private message from our Discord Bot. Once the Bot has sent a PM, the user will respond with whether or not they are interested in registering for the community. If at any time an individual declines, but wishes to change their mind they may use !register in a public channel to drive the Discord Bot PM again.

The Discord Bot will redirect the users to the website and autofill some of the entry fields using their Discord Account information. This ensures standardization of information between accounts.

Approval of Immigration

Users can be approved through the website. The proper method is to add the Immigrant Role and leave the Pending Role alone. The Discord Bot will automatically promote them when it sees a user with both Immigrant and Pending Role flags in the database. We're exploring using this to promote direct to other roles, but for now it only works with Immigrant rank.

Promoting to Citizen

The automated Immigration system allows for us to use the awards system to handle promotion to citizen. Nominate the user for the Letter of Citizenship award and once approved they will receive a promotion to Contadino.

Troubleshooting the Process

If there are any problems along the way make sure you notify Bernardo so bugs can be tracked then resolved.

Training Materials

From time to time the Republic implements an actual testing system. This can be combined with video tutorials. The Codex here should be used as the official source of record for any content or information for testing purposes. Any discrepancies in information should be referred to the appropriate Ministry for clarification.