Brandor deMedici

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Once the grand general of a great kingdom, now disgraced by his former lord and king who had gone mad bringing the proud nation to ruins.

Brandor now seeks allies to rebuild his Noble House, the House d'Argento, to rise up from the ashes and restore his own home nation that had been lost during the kingdom's fall.

Journal Entries

Along Came a Halfling

I happened across a curious little fellow who claimed to be named Dyne. He had a funny way about him, but he seems innocent enough. I know I need all the help I can get to restore my House, but I don't trust him quite yet. There are enough troubles around the village to give me time to figure him out so I'll keep a close eye on him in the meantime. I also noticed him eyeing up some of my equipment. It worries me how easily he stealths around. I suppose it would be best to have the rogue on my side rather than not.