Ministry of State

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The Ministry of State is tasked with managing the internal operations of the overall Republic and subordinate groups to include fiefdoms, orders, artisan guilds and licensed companies from a civil and criminal law capacity. Economic issues are handled by the Ministry of Commerce. Officers of the ministry include Clerks and Prefects.


  • Clerks - Senior Officers of the Ministry of State who deal in overseeing civil and criminal Tribunals, administration of monuments and other tasks as required
  • Prefects - Officers who deal in Law Enforcement, Moderation of Voice Comms, Mentorship of new members and other tasks

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Law Enforcement - Oversees the justice system of the Republic enforcing Common Law and mediating citizen disputes
  • Recruiting and Retention - Once a potential recruit expresses interest in the Republic it is up to the Ministry to see them through their registration, connecting to voice comms and assignment to their initial Fiefdom