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The Ministries serve as bodies of governance allowing the Republic to function day to day in order to organize and coordinate her citizens. Each Ministry has its own set of roles and responsibilities as outlined by the Constitution and supplemented by Common Law and other Codes of Governance.

The Ministries

Each Ministry focuses on a function of the daily operations of the Republic.

Executive Ministry

The Executive Ministry is headed by the Prime Minister and deals mostly with administration of the government and external diplomacy. The Ministry employs Heralds and Pursuivants.

Ministry of State

The Ministry of State is led by the Minister of State and handles internal administrative matters to include mentoring new members, law enforcement and the retention of citizens. Clerks and Prefects make up the officials of the ministry.

Ministry of Commerce

The Ministry of Commerce is managed by the Minister of Commerce overseeing the economic aspects of the Republic. Officials who serve in the ministry are called Commerciantes.

Benefits to Officers

Those who become officers in the various ministries are awarded with the social rank of Cittadini or Civil Citizen. Officers are granted apartments in the cities and villages in which they serve. They may also chose to rent or own their own homes. They are a paid a wage and given equipment needed to do their job, but are on their own to acquire food and other luxury items they desire.